Car Talk by Mike Baermann

Vacuum Leaks

One of the first things to check for when a vehicle experiences performance problems is a vacuum leak. These may be responsible for upsetting the operation of a computer system and cause a wide range of symptoms. In addition, several engine sensors and vacuum actuators (vacuum switches) rely on engine vacuum for operation.

Vacuum leaks are frequently caused by deteriorated, broken, or loose vacuum hoses. Air leaks that occur after the airflow sensor can also cause problems. The sensor cannot measure the air being taken into the engine through the leak. As a result, the air-fuel mixture will be incorrect. As sophisticated as a vehicle’s computer system is, its operation may sometimes be compromised by something as small as a leak.

Having a vacuum leak could damage vehicle components such as Catalytic Converters, Oxygen sensors, Spark Plugs and others. Many of these are very expensive to repair. Don’t let a rough running Engine or a Check Engine light cost you a large chunk of your Hard  Earned Money.  Have your vehicle checked right away.